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CNN Slams Trump For His 'Lack of Diversity' On His Coronavirus Team


In the midst of a deadly illness sweeping across Asia, CNN took the time to slam President Donald Trump for his alleged “lack of diversity” on his panel of experts assembled to combat the coronavirus, which has already made its way to the United States after having killed at least 200 people in China.

Yes, CNN, a “news” network, actually criticized Trump for his lack of non-white males on a panel of medical experts as they try to save people who are dying from the flu.

According to an “analysis” by Brandon Tensley, who apparently has nothing better to do with his life than complain about inclusivity while members of the general public keel over and die, the Trump administration deserves nothing but scorn and condemnation for including so many white men (despite the prevalence of women in the photos) sitting around the table discussing how to treat the virus.

I’d paraphrase Tensley’s claims, but there’s really no way to express just how stupid his point of view is unless you read it for yourself. So here’s an excerpt:

Who are these experts? They're largely the same sorts of white men (and a couple women on the sidelines) who've dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning.

By contrast, former President Barack Obama's circle of advisers in the face of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was hardly so monochromatic. Neither was it so abysmal in terms of gender diversity. (Of course, to contextualize, Obama's administration, on the whole, was far more diverse than Trump's.)

And yet, as unsurprising as the diversity issue in the Trump era has become, it's still worth pointing out from time to time, especially as the country approaches the 2020 presidential election in earnest.

That's partly because the recent photos of "the best experts" telegraph the kinds of people the administration deems worthy of holding power -- and even being in close proximity to it.

Tensley goes on to claim that the photos “signal which people in a multi-racial, half-female country Trump values the opinions of: mostly white men who are mirror images of the President himself.”

Because as coronavirus victims shake and seize from fever and vomit up everything they’ve eaten over the past two decades while sweating through every pore and aching in muscles they didn’t even know they had, we all know they’re laying on that hospital gurney with their eyes rolled back in their head and thinking, “Gosh, it’s really offensive that my doctor isn’t an indigenous brown-skinned transgender bisexual.”

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