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CNN Slams Betsy DeVos For Visiting a Catholic School Because Of Its 'Anti-Trans Policy'


As if we needed further evidence of just how flagrantly anti-Christian the liberal media have become, CNN ranted against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for daring to attend a town hall hosted by a “school that subscribes to an anti-trans student policy.”

A private, Catholic school. It’s a private, Catholic school.

By planning to attend a round table event held at Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – a school for kids under the age of 12 who shouldn’t even be thinking about gender or sexual orientation, much less considering their own – DeVoss is, according to CNN, tacitly endorsing “anti-trans” policy.

From CNN:

Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is slated to host the event, according to a department press release --- and is subject to the Diocese of Harrisburg's student policy on Gender Identity Questions. 

The policy characterizes gender-affirming surgery, an option for some transgender individuals, as "understood in Catholic moral terms as self-mutilation and therefore immoral."

CNN then went on a tirade against DeVos and her supposed "anti-trans" record, including her refusal to wield federal power to force public schools to allow students to use bathrooms and changing facilities that don't correspond with their biological sex.

Never mind that the school in question is a Catholic school, which students attend on a voluntary basis and where parents willingly sign a commitment to adhere to Catholic principles.

And never mind the fact that the round table discussion has nothing to do with trans rights, trans kids, or trans…well, anything. In fact, according to the Department of Education, it’s an event to discuss “education freedom,” including tax credits to help working and low income families send their kids to private schools instead of crappy, low-performing public ones.

"Pennsylvania made headlines in recent months after Governor Tom Wolf vetoed House Bill 800, which would have doubled the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) to $210 million annually," the department explained in a press release ahead of the event. "The program provides low- and middle-income families private school and prekindergarten scholarships and currently serves more than 50,000 students. Unfortunately, due to current limits on the program, an estimated 52,000 students were turned away last year."

But screw those poor kids and their sub-par state-run education, or discussing giving better options to financially struggling parents – the important takeaway here is that Betsy DeVos must hate the transgenders.

Though probably not as much as people with common sense hate CNN.

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