CNN Fluffs Author Who Dresses as T-Rex to Give Gender-Bender Books to Kids

Matt Philbin | April 28, 2022
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According to CNN, author Melissa Hart's “life is filled with young adult fiction.” Indeed, starting with the pretense that her teen daughter Maia is “nonbinary.”

Hart is an activist who CNN says “refuses to give in to other parents challenging the content of books aimed at children and young adults.” In other words, exactly the kind of person you’d expect CNN to be enthused about. 

“As more books are being challenged, and states are passing laws to make the challenging of books easier, a growing group of educators, parents and students is fighting back,” according to CNN’s fawning PR write-up, er, article. It’s a news article. Really.

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Hart “writes her books from a small studio behind her house near Portland, Oregon” (where else?) CNN says, “and teaches other people to write young adult books. She even dresses up in a T. rex costume and gives books away.”

Her latest book, "Daisy Woodworm Changes the World," features a character that has two moms, just like Hart did growing up. "’I know it's going to get banned,’ Hart says.” 

Welp, you pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. She can always put on her dinosaur togs and slip it to the kids when their parents are distracted. 

Why is she so determined to get LGBTQ and sometimes Y material in front of your children? Obviously, she’s made garbage decisions raising her daughter and she will have affirmation from other parents!

But it’s more than that:

‘Representation is critical,’ she told CNN. ‘I grew up not even aware that anybody besides me had two moms because it wasn't in literature. It wasn't talked about,’ Hart said.

(Well, her moms might have taken a few minutes to go through things with her, rather than leaving it to “literature.” You know, just to ease the kid’s mind. It seems like Hart has more than one generation of lousy parenting to compensate for.) 

And like any good live-and-let-live lefty, she’s gonna make sure you talk about it. She told CNN, "Books are not teaching kids to be a certain way. Books for kids are providing safe spaces for kids to explore their identity and providing them with a language to talk about that identity, and not just their identities."

And if you don’t think your kids need “safe spaces,” or the language to talk about other people’s delusions? CNN asked lil’ nonbinary Maia Hart, who sneered that opposition is "Adults throwing tantrums, obviously, like always." Charming child. Here’s hoping reality doesn’t throw a tantrum at her.

But you, normal parent? You just think you’re clinging to biology and thousands of yeas of civilization as it comes under attack. But your relentless normalness means you are the aggressor, and it’s Hart that’s beleaguered: 

‘I refuse to give in, I refuse to surrender. I will fight the good fight, I will put on my inflatable T. rex costume and fill the little free libraries in my community with diverse books until the cows come home,’ she said.

So Hart is a propagandist. And THIS is CNN.