CNN 'Expert' Tweets Nonsense About Constitutional Impeachment, Blames Others for 'Not Getting It'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 15, 2017
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CNN can’t seem to buy a break. Just weeks after one of its silly hosts, Don Lemon, became publicly drunk on the air and began waxing wistful about how he was “ready for a relationship," the network sees one of its “expert political commentators” make a fool of herself on Twitter, and compound it by insulting people who happened to call her on it.

At about 6:21 a.m. on Wednesday, Sally Kohn -- a lawyer and former contributor at FoxNews, who touts herself as “America’s Second Favorite Cable News Lesbian” (no faux self-deprecation there) -- took to Twitter and offered the breathtakingly brilliant observation that these four simple things could happen under the Constitution to make America greater again:

So, yeah. Impeach both Trump and Pence. Easy, done lickety-split.

And then, as she claims, a “constitutional crisis”? A special election?

Nope. Though granted 140 characters and an infinite number of Tweets to offer her toweringly brilliant insight, lawyer Ms. Kohn didn’t bother to mention that the oft-disregarded Constitution provides for a chain of command to fill the wonderful offices, should the president and vice president be impeached, become ill or incapacitated from watching CNN, or decide to join her and Don Lemon on their comically foundering propaganda network. The Constitution calls for the speaker of the House to become president until the next election.

That guy is Paul Ryan, but beyond not mentioning him taking office, her “simple plan” is even more wildly fantastical. Who knows if Ryan would run in the next election? And if he did, and Hillary Clinton ran, who is to say who would win?

Evidently shaken by the tsunami of internet laughter and scorn her simplistic statement generated, Ms. Kohn decided to make matters worse. At 6:42 a.m., she quoted her earlier Tweet and accused “half the internet” of not getting it, saying:

Always a smart tack: when one says something toweringly ignorant or does not express himself or herself in a cogent and clear manner, blame the readers who noticed. That’s always helpful.

It might not be helpful for Ms. Kohn, but for many of the “great unwashed,” it is yet another informative indication of the conceit and arrogance exhibited by so many of the self-congratulatory collectivists populating the dinosaur media.

As of this posting, her statement is becoming a meme, with people who support her and don’t support her using the hashtag “#StraightForwardFromHere” to promote their own ideas of how to achieve their Utopian ends. Ms. Kohn is re-Tweeting those she likes, and the echo chamber continues to reverberate with her arrogant leftist nonsense.

Sometimes, just once in a rare blue moon, liberals might try stepping off their high horses and admit to being wrong.

The Cable News Network seems to attract people who like to tell everyone else they’re too dumb to understand the brilliance of more and more government. Guess that’s why it’s not called the Constitutional News Network.