CNN Contributor Bashes Trump For Not Cozying Up to Conan the Military Dog: 'This Is Terrifying'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 25, 2019
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CNN political contributor Joan Walsh thinks it’s “terrifying” that President Donald Trump didn’t cozy up to Conan, the military canine who paid a visit to the White House Monday after helping track down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a raid last month.

Trump invited the Navy’s Belgian Malinois to the White House to honor the dog’s service, praising him for his role in helping run down al-Baghdadi in his compound before the terrorist ultimately blew himself and several children up in a suicide blast. 

But apparently, that’s not enough – according to Walsh, Trump was supposed to snuggle up with the dog. Or something. 

All while taking a dig at the First Lady’s coat.

“This is terrifying,” Walsh lamented. “Trump and Melania exude coldness to Conan the hero dog. Melania, whose coat is slightly macabre (to me, but others may find it lovely), moves away from Conan multiple times.”

“Terrifying.” It’s “terrifying” that Trump didn’t love all up on a trained military service dog who, as awesome as he may be, still has a row of teeth on him the size of a good set of kitchen knives. And that's assuming he was being stand-offish in the first place, and not simply trying to move out of the way of the cameras trying to get a shot of our four-legged hero.

Oh, and it gets better. Walsh went on to bash the Trumps for not mentioning Conan’s breed.

Now, what's really terrifying is the state of our national news media when an author and political contributor is "terrified" over a president's nondescript behavior around a dog.

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