CNN Commentator Compares GOP Storming Impeachment Hearing to 'Klan Group'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | October 25, 2019
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CNN political commentator Keith Boykin dug inside the leftist handbag and grabbed the usual racial language when describing conservatives during a discussion on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

As the panel discussed the Republicans who stormed the closed-door Democrat-led hearing on their impeachment inquiry, Boykin described the group as “old white men” who looked like a “Klan group” trying to enter the room.

Boykin’s comment came after Tapper brought up a tweet from Trump showing support for what the Republicans had done. 

“President Trump was happy with it, he tweeted: ‘Thank you to House Republicans for being tough, smart, and understanding in detail the greatest Witch Hunt in American History,’” Tapper quoted.

“This is a disgraceful stunt,” Boykin replied. “I'll go further than S.E. would go and I'll say this looks like a Klan group that is assembled outside of a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in so that they could deliver their own justice against somebody who's inside.”

"It's not a good look for our Democracy, it's not good look for the Republican Party,” he continued. “Forty-seven of them apparently are already, Republicans are already on these committees that are in these impeachment investigation out of 197 total House Republicans, that's a quarter of the entire Republican caucus that is already represented, and they're creating these political stunts in order to throw off the attention.”

”They're not focused on the issue of why Trump is being impeached, they're focused on how they could complain about the process," he concluded.

Tapper actually didn’t let Boykin get away with his “Klan” comment unscathed. He called him out for possibly going over the line. 

“Keith, respectfully I think the ‘Klan’ metaphor was a little strong…earlier this week we were talking about lynching and using that word lightly. I’m not going to debate the history with it,” he said.

“No I understand, I used it purposely,” Boykin replied. “Because I felt like it was a visual probably, too. To have this group of almost all white men going in in defense of the white man who is already, I think — by most accounts — a racist, instead of dealing with the issue of how this person is abusing his power as President of the United States.”

“I’m sure I’ll get complaints on Twitter, but I believe that,” he concluded. 

H/T: The Blaze

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