‘Clock Boy’s’ Family Sues School

danjoseph | August 8, 2016
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The family of Ahmed Mohamed, the young Muslim who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school, is now suing Texas school officials, claiming that they violated Mohamed’s civil rights.

The 14-year-old teenager was arrested last September after school officials mistook his clock for a briefcase bomb. The arrest was met with outrage by some, who accused the school district of specifically targeting Mohamed because he was a Muslim.

The charges were later dropped. 

The lawsuit names Irving Independent School District, the city of Irving, and the school's principal.

The family has since moved to the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar after one of the nation’s schools offered the boy a scholarship.

The incident itself was the subject of fierce debate, as many Americans agreed that the boy’s clock could reasonably be mistaken for an explosive device.

MRCTV took its own survey at the height of the controversy and discovered that many students would have been extremely concerned if someone brought the device onto campus. 

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