Clock Boy's $15 Million 'Damages' Would Cost Irving, TX $65 Per Person

ashley.rae | November 23, 2015
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“Clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed’s $15 million pay-out from the taxpayers of Irving, Texas would cost the poor people of Irving, Texas approximately $65.61 per person if he is successful in obtaining the "damages" he wants.

According to the city of Irving’s 2015 population estimate from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the population of Irving, Texas is approximately 228,610. Ahmed’s $15 million distributed amongst the population would equal to each person paying approximately $65.61.

Considering the 2011-2013 American Community Survey found the average median housing income of Irving was almost $3,000 less than the median household income of the United States as of 2014 ($50,810 compared to $53,657), perhaps the extra $65 could go toward things that are more useful than a pay-out for Ahmed.

Ahmed’s family is currently seeking $10 million from the city of Irving and $5 million from Irving Independent School District after their son was arrested for bringing a suspicious-looking clock to school.

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