Clock Boy Blames 9/11 For His Arrest

ashley.rae | September 12, 2016
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Ahmed Mohamed, otherwise known as “Clock Boy,” blames 9/11 for school officials and the police thinking the “homemade clock” he brought to school was a bomb.

Using the hashtag “#AfterSeptember11” to show how Muslims were allegedly profiled and mistreated after the Sept.11 terrorist attacks, Mohamed wrote he was “falsely accused, humiliated, and fingerprinted at age 14”:

Mohamed also included tweets he screencapped to express solidarity with other Muslims who claim they were negatively impacted by 9/11 (including a tweet by a 9/11 conspiracy theorist with the name “Bush did 911”):

Mohamed garnered international media attention in 2015 after bringing a device to school that many, including school administrators and the police, thought might be a bomb. The school district and the police were vilified as Islamophobes, while Mohamed received praise from tech companies and even President Obama.

Mohamed has since sued the city of Irving and the Irving Independent School District for $15 million.

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