'Clinton Cash' Author Practicing McCarthyism, Hillary Clinton's Top Scandal-Fixer Declares

Jeffdunetz | May 12, 2015
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Former Clinton Administration Special Council and scandal-fixer Lanny Davis appeared on CSPAN's Washington Journal Monday and made a personal attack on "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer, declaring the author used Joe McCarthy-type attacks in his book.

In his attack on Schweizer (see video below), Davis says:

​It is very interesting how he phrases things. Let me emphasize his words not my words,  ‘In the hopes of influencing" at the same time on Fox network in a friendly interview of him by Chris Wallace, he said, ‘I have no facts to prove wrongdoing or illegality by Hillary Clinton in exchanging money for her husband and fees or to the foundation for any policy changes at State. He says, ‘raises questions.’ that is innuendo. Without being too extreme. When I was raised in the 1950's, I’m showing my age, there was a gentleman named Senator Joseph McCarthy who held up a piece of paper ‘I have in my hand 400 people working at the State Department who may be communists.’ Headlines across the U.S. The words maybe is no different to Mr. Schweizer, who I give credit for never saying I have a single fact suggesting a speaking fee or a donation is connected to Sec. Clinton’s policy decisions.

But, Davis was not accurate in his recounting of Schweizer's interview on Fox News Sunday.

According to the program transcript, Chris Wallace asked the author three different times what evidence he had tying State Department policy to a donation to the Clinton Foundation. Schweizer's answer each time was that he could speak only to the pattern of donations and subsequent changes in State Department policy, since he did not have access to Ms. Clinton's emails or internal memos. For example one of his responses was:

Well, again, I was not subject to the conversations they had. I did not have access to internal memos, but again, you see this pattern of benefit. And I think that's really the key question. The analogy I would use it like insider trading. I wrote a book a couple years ago on members of Congress who were potentially engaged in insider trading.  When you talk to prosecutors, they will tell you, most people that engaged in insider trader don't send an e-mail that says, I've got inside information by this stock. The way that give prosecutors, by looking at the pattern behavior, did somebody who has access to the information conduct a series of well-timed stock trades that warrants further investigation? And that's my contention here, that you see a series of actions that enormously beneficial. In some cases, Hillary Clinton is reversing course on policies that she embraced before for the benefit of Clinton donors and I'm saying, this warrants investigation. 

Ironically, a question asked by Chris Wallace during a different episode of Fox News Sunday gives the best perspective to what Mr. Davis was trying to do by making the charges of McCarthyism. On March 8th, Lanny Davis was Wallace's guest on Fox News Sunday. Lanny Davis was there to provide the Team Hillary spin about the home server/destroyed email scandal. After Davis was done making his case, the host asked:

Finally, as we said at the beginning, you served in the Clinton White House handing legal matters like campaign finance, like impeachment. Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?

After unsuccessfully trying to label the book as the work of a partisan GOP hack, the Clinton war room unleashed its cleanup guy to ramp up the personal attacks on Peter Schweizer. 

The funny part is that, if Team Clinton placed the same energy into answering all the questions arising from the book and the investigations in the mainstream media as they expended making on personal attacks on Peter Schweizer, the current coverage of a State Department quid pro quo for Clinton Foundation donations would have been over weeks ago.