Climate Strike Protesters Get Exposed for Contributing to 'Climate Crisis'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | September 23, 2019
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Climate Strike protesters took to the streets on Friday to let everyone in the world know that the “climate crisis” needs to be taken seriously. But did they get their point across? I think not.

Protesters were seen wearing plastic costumes, carrying paper signs, and throwing confetti (also known as "trash") in the streets — all things that supposedly make the so-called climate crisis worse. But these protesters seem to have forgotten that.

The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill went out to a Climate Strike protest in D.C. and exposed the hypocrisy of these activists when she helped them see they were doing the same things they were protesting.

A woman wearing a plastic T-Rex costume was speechless after she recognized her “climate sin.” 

“We’re at a climate march and you’re wearing plastic,” Hamill told her.

“That’s why we have to change our system,” the woman responded guiltily. “So that it’s easy and accessible for people to not wear plastic.”

The T-Rex woman along with many others realized they weren’t putting their actions where their virtue signaling was but instead of accepting their failures they blamed society. Go figure.

“If you go to a store, if you buy products everyday, if you buy food you have to buy something with plastic in it, there has to be a change there,” a man said after he was confronted for having a plastic earth ball in his hands. “It’s hard for the consumer to change if we need the product.”

Other protesters admitted their “sins” are using a lot of paper towels, taking bubble baths, making the long commute to work, and flying on an airplane, among other activities. The list gets weirder.

Take a look at the video below:


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