Climate Skeptic's Paris Film Premiere Casts Dark Cloud Over U.N. Summit

Craig Bannister | December 7, 2015

A climate skeptic explains how his red-carpet premiere in Paris of a film that debunks the "science" of climate alarmism is exposing the falsehoods and left-wing agenda promoted at the U.N. climate summit this week.

Marc Morano, publisher and producer of the new film "Climate Hustle," tells how media and politicians on the left have duped ("hustled") the American people by telling them that the government could control the climate - if only it had more money and power and Americans had less freedom.

Morano says he plans to make a huge splash in the "punchbowl" of the U.N. climate summit by giving voice to noted scientists who now dissent from climate alarmism and by interviewing alarmists at the U.N. summit and confronting them with facts:

“We are expecting a huge splash because we have scientists that people have never really seen on camera before speaking out, many of them for the first time. We focus on politically-left scientists. This is a movie made for American liberals and European liberals to reconsider – because we feature French socialists, we feature scientists who voted for Gore, we feature committed environmentalists, we feature really politically-left anti-war Democrats who’ve run – and now they’re alienated from their party because they disagree on this issue and they talk about all the intimidation and threats and the effect on their career for speaking out on this issue skeptically.”

“Think of the U.N. summit as a giant punchbowl. There’s fruit floating in it and there’s beautiful seasoned juices and it’s ice, and it’s beautiful, and it tastes delicious. We are going to be the turd in the punchbowl at this U.N. conference! We are going to be soiling the conference with this premiere on December 7th!”