Climate Doomsday Dingbat Disrupts French Open Tennis Match

Jay Maxson | June 4, 2022
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A climate change alarmist disrupted the French Open Friday by tying herself to the net during a live men’s match. The 22-year-old woman identified as Alizee is aligned with a climate change group called Derniere Renovation, and her t-shirt bore the slogan, “We have 1028 days left". 

French officials talked the situation over for a few minutes (a few minutes!! what was there to talk about other than finding a tool to cut the rope!). After Alizee brought the match between Casper Ruud and Marin Cilic to a halt, the officials finally gathered their wits, cut her tether and carried her out of the Paris tennis arena. 

Derniere Renovation claimed responsibility for Alizee’s protest, and the climate nuts claimed online that humankind had 1,028 days left “to take decisive action on global climate change” and “determine the future of humanity.” 

Yahoo Sports reported that Demiere Renovation began its countdown March 28, 2022, for its demand that the French government renovate its housing stock and develop a financing system “that would shift the costs away from low-income homeowners.” 

The climate radicals’ website also includes remarks by Sir David King, the former Scientific Advisor to the United Kingdom government, during the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne in 2021. That’s when King said: 

“We have to move rapidly. What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity. We are in a very very desperate situation.” 

Later, Alizee posted an explanation for her ridiculous actions on the climate change group’s website, saying: 

"We are in 2022 and it is time to look at the reality in the face, the world to which politicians are sending us is a world to which Roland Garros (another name for the French Open, and the man who was a World War I fighter pilot pioneer) will not be able to exist. 

"Today, I went onto the court because I can't take the risk any more of not doing anything in the face of the climate emergency." 

To which Demiere Renovation added, "France has been condemned by its own courts for climate inaction. The future of this country is literally destroyed. To waste time is to perish.” 

And the Chicken Little Award for Unjustified Alarmism goes to … Demiere Renovation. 

Sportsmax called the protest “an embarrassment to French Open organisers, with security inside the main show court unable to prevent the woman marching out onto the court and locking herself to the net.” 

A Townhall piece by Kurt Schlicter accurately described the climate hoax. He said we should never give any amount of money to the perpetrators of the hoax who have never once been correct about any of their dire claims. 

“(I)n today’s shabby practice, ‘science’ is just a package of self-serving lies buttressing the transnational liberal elite’s preferred narrative, Schlicter wrote. “Our alleged betters hope that labeling their propaganda ‘science’ will science-shame you into silence about what everyone knows is a scam. 

“Nah. ‘Climate change’ is a hoax.” 

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Schlicter further stated the term “climate change” refers not to actual meteorological phenomena but, rather, to lies, scams and power grabs that we are “commanded to accept as pagan gospel lest we burn to a crisp or drown or suffer...whatever the Armageddon du jour is.” 

Human-produced carbon might be a factor, but not a significant one. We should say “climate change is a grift” as often as possible, Schlicter added.