Climate Cultists Around the World GLUE THEMSELVES To Buildings to Protest CO2 Emissions

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 19, 2022
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In numerous cities, pockets of “concerned scientists” and even an athlete or two decided to take the mangled meaning of “wedding” to a new level last week and literally bond with buildings in displays of what, clearly, are cogent, stable, calls – not at all stunts – to draw attention to the impending “climate disaster” that keeps getting pushed back because the doomsayers keep getting it wrong.

As Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech writes for The Hill:

Hundreds of scientists from around the world took part in protests last week to apply pressure on government agencies to make ‘rapid and deep’ cuts to greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late.

Which, as I wrote in February for MRCTV, assumes that certain kinds of gasses, such as CO2, actually are drivers of significant temperature increase on Earth the same way some scientists believe they drive temps on Venus. But this is not only in dispute, it is refuted in the graph that forms the centerpiece of Al Gore’s sad and outrageously erroneous 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth” (a graph that sees temp increases actually PRECEDING CO2 increases in the assumed historical record.)



Image from Guardian UK Video.


It also assumes that these gasses, when emitted by human activity, are going to usher-in a climate cataclysm, which also is in monumental dispute, though one would not know this if one were stuck getting “news” from mainstream media outlets.

Adds O’Connell-Domenech:

In London, 25 scientists glued pages of scientific papers, along with their hands, to the windows of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to force the agency to look at the climate research they say the British government has been ignoring, The Guardian reported.

Doesn’t that “Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy” sound like something that popped out of the pages of Orwell’s “1984”? No wonder the protesters married their flesh to it – it’s a big part of the behemoth bureaucracy that controls people’s livelihoods in the UK.

But did these “concerned scientists” consider the environmental message they were sending? After all, if they were using one of the two most popular forms of super-glue (those being Krazy Glu and Loctite), they were using products that contain cyanoacrylate (C5N5NO2), and ChemistryIsLife tells us an interesting combo of history and chemistry to tell about that neat molecule.

Dr. Harry Coover invented superglue in 1949. He was trying to make a plastic to form gun sights. He gave up on cyanoacrylate because it was too sticky. In 1951, he realized cyanoacrylates potential as a commercial adhesive. Super Glue, or cyanoacrylate, is manufactured in factories.

Uh-oh. This sounds foreboding for the stick-it-to-em protesters…

To make superglue, cyanoacetate is put in an airtight kettle and mixed with formaldehyde.

Oh, man. That’s not very environmentally friendly.

Water is given off when the cyanoacetate and formaldehyde react, and the kettle is heated to evaporate this water.

Which, as we have been told by the Climate Cult, is a contributor to the upcoming Climate Apocalypse. Water vapor keeps heat in the atmosphere. Oh, no…

After the water is evaporated, cyanoacetate remains, but it is solid (in polymer form.) Any air in the kettle is replaced with nitrogen because nitrogen will not polymerize the cyanoacrylate. Then, the mixture is heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit—

WHAT? Heat? That requires energy, and, usually, something to burn that gives off…

Oh, shudder to think…


--it becomes liquid (polymers split into monomers) and any remaining water is evaporated and separated, leaving liquid cyanoacetate, also known as superglue.

SO… These superficially upstanding Climate Cultists actually could be Climate Apostates, displaying their rank dislocation from the ranks of radical rhetoricians who are always so consistent that they never do things like take private jets to vacation or to international climate conferences or buy seaside homes that might put the lie to their claimed worry about rising sea levels.

But these “concerned scientists” aren’t alone. As The Telegraph UK reports, members of the environmental group “Extinction Rebellion” glued themselves to a “petrol” (gasoline) truck in London Saturday morning, and two of the sticky-fingered Climate Cultists were Olympic athletes.

Activists holding a banner which read: 'End Fossil Fuels Now' surrounded the tanker, while Etienne Stott - an Olympic gold medal-winning canoeist - and Laura Baldwin, an Olympic sailor, glued themselves to the top of it.

No word as to whether they have called for the end of the Olympics, or the manufacture of canoes and paddles, or boats and all the subcomponents therein…

A video seen by The Telegraph also showed three people glued on to the wheels of the truck, while a banner with the words ‘End Fossil Filth hung from the side of the vehicle.

One hopes that the commercial-grade “End Fossil Filth” banner the Telegraph shows in its photo was made from all-natural, carbon-neutral materials and processes, unlike the glue.

But, to seriously focus on the arguments many in the Cult have made, let’s go back to The Hill:

The protests were part of a week of civil disobedience organized by Scientist Rebellion, the scientific branch of the climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion.  

More than 1,000 scientists from over 25 countries took part in the protests to highlight the findings from a United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report stating humanity only has three more years to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Three years.

Sorry, but, despite trying to remain serious about these reports, the repeatedly childish “sky-is-falling” rhetoric becomes laughable when its writers and disseminators repeatedly revise their predictions as their previous deadlines pass us by like the jets most of them use to travel to their elite doom-and-gloom conferences.

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For example, as Samantha Chang reported last year for Western Journal:

Democratic climate czar John Kerry ominously predicted in 2009 that climate change and global warming were such imminent threats to humanity that the Arctic would have an ice-free summer by 2014.

That never happened.

And, as Craig Rucker wrote in 2017, for

Former UN top climate official Christiana Figueres just told the world we only have ‘three years’ to save the planet … and all it will cost is $1.5 trillion per year.

That was, um… more than three years ago.

Adds Rucker:

For those of us old enough to remember, the UN announced a 10-year tipping point way back in 1982, and then did so again in 1989. In both cases, these dates passed without any of the predicted doom-and-gloom taking place.

Yep. For more, check out the beautifully laid out 2019 report from The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Myron Ebell and Steven J. Malloy that goes back FIFTY YEARS and exposes the dozens of climate catastrophe catchphrases and hysteria the big-government-connected science block and their pop media pals have pushed on us and used to nudge fascist “regulation.” ALL of them were completely wrong.

Adds Rucker:

In 2006 Al Gore told us in An Inconvenient Truth the Arctic would be ice-free by 2014. He gave the planet only 10 years to escape before what, as Jim Morrison of The Doors might say, would be ‘The End.’

And he offers more:

In 2008, ABC’s Bob Woodruff hosted a program where scientists told us that agriculture would collapse by ‘2015,’ that a carton of milk would be $12.99, a gallon of gas $9 and large portions of NYC would be underwater.

And in 2009, Prince Charles declared we only had 96 months to save the Earth.  That same year NASA’s James Hansen said we only had until the end of President Obama’s first term, though U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said we only had 50 days until the global warming apocalypse took place.

It goes on and on.

Yes, it does, and as the Psychedelic Furs said when referring to a politician in their song, “It Goes On”:

“He calls you This, and calls you That…

You lose your memory.”

Let’s not forget these towering errors. In fact, let’s use these stunts as opportunities to remind people of the big-government pushers’ Climate Change canards.

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