Climate Change Chicanery: Using TV Shows to Promote Perverse Agenda

Jason Cohen | October 12, 2022
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Teen Vogue republished a piece from Nexus media rejoicing that TV shows are increasingly referencing climate change in plots and dialogue. 

Grey’s Anatomy, Reservation Dogs, Abbott Elementary, and Big Mouth are all noted as current shows that are pushing these themes. 

But according to a nonprofit consulting firm called Good Energy, in a study of 37,453 film and TV scripts that aired in the United States from 2016 to 2020, just 2.8% included terms related to climate such as “solar panels,” “climate crisis,” “sea level rise,” “renewable energy,” and more.   

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Naturally, this is not nearly enough for climate activists. Good Energy has the goal to get half of all television and film scripts to contain climate change content. Of course, Hollywood hardly needs to be pushed to include lefty hobby horses in its scripts -– just look at the glut of Black Lives Matter themes on shows in 2020 - 2021.

A particularly noteworthy part of the piece is what Victor Quinaz, writer and producer for Big Mouth, said. For the show, which is about puberty, he said they consulted neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and other experts to comprehend what children experience during this period. A main finding was the pervasiveness of anxiety, including climate anxiety, which is described as “a major stressor.” 

Clearly, climate change propaganda is already causing children to suffer significantly in terms of mental health, but instead of putting an end to this, the left wants to increase it. 

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