Climate Blog Predicts End of the World, Liberals Freak Out

Brittany M. Hughes | September 30, 2016
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Trending Friday on Facebook, the social media site-turned-blindly trusted “news” source, was the prediction that once again, we’re all horrifically doomed.

I’ve got big plans this weekend that I really didn’t want to have derailed. So I took the bait and clicked. Stupid me.

Apparently, a scientist with the Scripps Institution of Technology in Hawaii, one of a zillion scientific institutions currently digging into so-called man-made climate change, wrote a four-paragraph blog last week regarding CO2 particles in the atmosphere. The last paragraph reads as such:

Concentrations will probably hover around 401 ppm over the next month as we sit near the annual low point.  Brief excursions towards lower values are still possible but it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year – or ever again for the indefinite future.

And liberals lost. Their. Damn. Minds.

Seriously, you’d think Neil deGrasse Tyson had just gone on national television and told us there was an asteroid rocketing toward Earth and we should all start digging a bunker and filling it with a semi-truck’s worth of canned green beans.

According to climate alarmists, a 400-particles-per-million carbon count is pretty much the trigger for Armageddon. So this one blog’s all it took for places like Vice to decide that the end was quite decidedly nigh.

The left-leaning publication put out an article dramatically titled, “Goodbye World: We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good.” published a lovely click-bait headline stating, “Enjoy Earth While It Lasts: Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass the Point of No Return.” (That particular example of scholastic excrement was accompanied by a graphic showing the moon crashing into the Earth.)

Now I’m not going to go into all the myriad reasons why man-made climate change is a load of crap manufactured by liberal elitists and government bureaucrats who like using fear as a control tactic. You can Google that for yourself. There’s no lack of scientific evidence showing why this doomsday mantra is about as trustworthy as a bar run by Bill Cosby. (For example, here’s a study showing that all these “climate models” that supposedly predict The Coming End are about as accurate as a blind man throwing a dart at a gnat.)

I will, however, poke fun at all the horrible things these articles say will happen to us thanks to the fact that we, like, drive cars and stuff. So get ready for…

No more food!

Vice anticipates that “food chains are likely to become permanently unbalanced as apex predators and their prey begin to disappear.” On top of that, they note that all the polar bears are going to die.

Except that the polar bear population in many areas is actually increasing, but okay. Seriously. Look it up.

Also, the sea will swallow us whole.

“In the near future, humans, among other species, will be catastrophically affected by sea level changes. As ancient glaciers begin to melt, and thermal expansion occurs, coastlines elsewhere will flood, and communities will become displaced. By 2100, approximately 13 million people in the US are projected to lose their homes due to rising sea levels,” Vice claims.

Never mind that the Earth has actually gained more land than water over the past 30 years, according to a scientific study (you know, since we can take those as gospel)., who predicted that we’re all “pretty screwed,” touted the Nature Conservancy’s prediction that a fourth of all Earth species will be extinct by 2050.

Add those to the list of doom-and-gloom predictions by President Obama at the latest United Nations summit, where he prophesied a lack of water, too much water, horrible storms, natural disasters, food shortages, villages falling into the sea like dominoes, and never-ending international conflicts caused by the fact that everything will suck so bad. He also apologized for the United States’ role in killing the Earth for everyone.

It’s all gotten so crazy and out of hand, one’s left to wonder if these climate-pushers actually want the earth to end. They’ve pretty much spelled out the planet’s final chapters in permanent marker, and write new articles about each impending doom scenario with a pep that borders on actual glee. They’ll grasp at nearly every harbinger of global destruction, but toss out any proven notion that “climate change” is perhaps the greatest deception of our time.

Then again, with all the liberal agenda items being forcefully shoved down our throats (seriously, we don’t even recognize biological genders anymore), it’s hardly a shock that people would be voluntarily signing up for The End.

Sometimes, I kinda want off this planet, too.

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