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Climate Alarmists Plan to Celebrate a 48-Hour ‘Day’


It’s no wonder people criticize climate alarmists. It always seems like their statistics are, well, laughable.

But now they’ve outdone themselves. Climate alarmists are promoting “Global Divestment Day” so that the world can become “fossil free.”

Only the Global Divestment Day is two days long – Feb. 13 AND Feb. 14.

That’s what people in the civilized world – not Greenpeace – ordinarily call two days. There’s even a clock on their website counting down to the “day.”

Perhaps, the next global day the Left organizes will last an entire month. Or even a year.

Why withdraw investment from fossil fuel companies? According to head Bill McKibben, “Because we've got the bad guys on the run.” By “bad guys,” he means anyone who supports energy for cooking, driving, healing the sick or surfing the Internet.

Maybe, making a day last two days wouldn’t matter if the left wasn’t already playing fast and loose with climate numbers. Media outlets promote the “97 percent” consesus number that has been debunked and downplay how liberal scientists have played games with temperature readings to make the world appear hotter than it does to satellite measurements.

A Purdue University scholar, surveying agricultural scientists – including climatologists – found unnoticed disagreement on humanity’s role in climate change. South American temperature readings, along with those from the Artic, were "systematically" increased by 1 degree Celsius, according to February 7 The Telegraph (UK).

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