Cleveland Clinic Refuses a Child's Kidney Transplant Because Donor Dad Is Unvaxxed

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 12, 2022

Ya know how pretty much everybody, even the frustrating tax-sponges at the CDC, finally are admitting that naturally acquired immunity to COVID19 is like naturally acquired immunity for everything else - i.e., it’s BETTER than jab-conferred “immunity”?

And ya know how most sensible folks likely realize by now that the chance of dying from COVID19 is really, really, really tiny?

And ya know how, due to the insanity of lockdowns and edicts from politicians that closed shops, churches, gyms, restaurants, and more, a lot of people are beginning to understand the preeminence of voluntary association and free will when it comes to assessing and adopting personal risk?

Well, get this. In Cleveland, a medical clinic is refusing to perform a life-saving transplant from a father who has been preparing to give his in-need son a kidney. And the administration is refusing because the dad will not get jabbed.

Jade Jarvis reports for News 5, Cleveland:

The Cleveland Clinic developed a new safety protocol last year that requires transplant patients and living donors to be fully vaccinated against the virus before going into surgery.

That’s now affecting 9-year-old Tanner Donaldson from Wadsworth and his family. His dad, Dane Donaldson, is a nearly perfect match, but he can’t donate because he’s unvaccinated.

Don’t trouble yourself over that annoying misapplication of the term “vaccine.” In the fantasy world of uni-think, COVID Castles can float in the air, and mRNA jabs can be called “vaccines.” No problem.

And don’t worry about the bigger issue: the fact that the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital is denying Dane as a donor for his own son, a child who soon will encounter life-threatening problems if this procedure is not performed.

Notes Jarvis:

Tanner was born with one kidney and right now it functions at between 18-20%. He and his parents are managing it now, but he’ll eventually need a transplant, something his parents have known and been preparing for since the day he was born under the guidance of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic.

As Matt Agorist reports for The Free Thought Project, Tanner’s parents based their plans on the longevity of kidney transplants and their son’s age:

Because a kidney from a live donor only lasts about 20 years, the family decided to wait a couple of years before carrying out the transplant to extend Tanner’s life as long as possible. Then covid happened.

And that changed everything.

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Lockdowns and lockstep… The Cleveland Clinic followed most other medical centers on the top-down, follow-orders road that saw the government use tax money to fund the creation of experimental mRNA jabs, use more tax money to have the U.S. military distribute them, and then use more tax money to promote them, despite the fact that the mortality threat of the virus for most people is low, therapeutics work, natural immunity has, of course, proven better, as anyone with a brain knew it would.

Continues Agorist:

Prior to the Emergency Use Authorization of the covid vaccine, Dane and Tanner could’ve undergone the surgery and be in recovery right now. But covid changed all that and the hospital is now refusing to conduct the surgery because Dane is not vaccinated against covid-19. Seriously.

Alice Giordano, of The Epoch Times, contacted the Cleveland Clinic and reported:

In a statement released to The Epoch Times, the Cleveland Clinic cited a 2021 policy it adopted requiring all donors and candidates for organ transplants to be fully vaccinated against the virus.

‘Individuals who are actively infected with COVID-19 have a much higher rate of complications during and after surgery, even if the infection is asymptomatic,’ the hospital stated.

But the clinic didn’t give the full picture.

Giordano continues:

Donaldson, who is in the insurance business, told The Epoch Times he is opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons, but also because he has seen a rising number of clients get critically ill after receiving it.

And, adds Giordano, Mr. Donaldson has uncovered something the clinic didn’t put in its release:

He believes the hospital is contradicting itself by requiring a living donor to be vaccinated, but not a recently deceased one.

‘I asked them in that car accident victim, would you vaccinate him on the way to the hospital to rip his kidney out and they said ‘no’,” Donaldson told The Epoch Times.

Donaldson said he even offered to sign a waiver freeing the hospital from any liability should either himself or his son develop COVID-19. At the same time, the hospital has refused to agree to take any responsibility for any side effects that he or his son experienced from the vaccine.

And there’s much more to the hypocrisy of this tax-subsidized medical center.

Giordano observes that in January, attorneys for the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) wrote to the Cleveland Clinic asking its officials to reconsider their decision and the methodology behind it. The response ICAN received was less than satisfactory.

’Presently, it appears the hospital is operating under a psychosis of flawed morality in choosing to sacrifice the health and wellness of its 9-year-old patient in exchange for what it perceives to be the ‘greater good,' ICAN’s lawyers Aaron Siri and Elizabeth Brehm wrote.

And the final insults…

ICAN also called the hospital irrational because the entire family, including Tanner and his older brother, all had COVID-19 and recovered from it, meaning they have natural immunity.

In its letter to the hospital, ICAN cited a number of international studies that showed that re-infection of COVID-19 after recovering from the virus was rare.

Of the studies it cited was one performed by Cleveland Clinic itself.

Enough said. The Donaldsons will go to another medical center and hope to receive services there.

But they will continue to pay taxes, as will we.

The least one could ask is that the Cleveland Clinic and others detach from the dole line. If they want to exercise their option to deny services, why can’t we deny them the tax money they get from our political plunderers?