Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney on Winning Nat'l Championship: 'All the Glory Goes to the Good Lord!'


Winning with grace is becoming a lost art in the entitled society we currently live in. Maybe if the Hollywood elite could take a page out of the book of Clemson University head coach Dabo Swinney, award shows might be worth watching again.

After Clemson soundly defeated last year’s college football national champion, the Alabama Crimson Tide, by a shocking score of 44-16, Swinney was interviewed by ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

“How do you describe the joy of the moment?” Rinaldi asked Swinney.

Swinney’s response shows that class always outshines ego:

Well that's been my word all year, and I tried to be intentional with that. For me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus, others and yourself.

There's so many great coaches that are so deserving of a moment like this that never get the chance to experience it, and to get to do it once and now to get to do it again, it's a blessing. And, it's just simply the grace of the good Lord to let us experience something like this[…]

All the credit, all the glory, goes to the good Lord!

Swinney’s joy was palpable.

You can watch Swinney’s postgame interview below:


Later in the short interview, Swinney made a comment that perfectly encapsulated how rare and amazing Clemson’s season was.

“You can’t write a Hollywood script like this,” Swinney said with a grin on his face. “Only God can do this, and that’s a fact. And people may think I’m crazy or quacky or whatever, but only God can orchestrate this. No Hollywood producer can write it.”

Swinney’s right. Hollywood’s too busy ruining old movies by making inferior, “updated” versions of them.

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