Clear Bias: Twitter 'Confirms' it will be Easier to Ban Trump After Inauguration Day

Nick Kangadis | December 16, 2020
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It goes without saying, but “Big Tech” is way past overstepping their bounds. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have so discredited themselves with people that it would come as no shock if they eventually saw the same dismal approval numbers that are typically reserved for politicians and the radical media. Here’s just another example why.

The left-leaning Independent reported on Tuesday that Twitter has confirmed that President Donald Trump could face a ban from their platform after Inauguration Day “if he continues to spread conspiracy theories.”

Don’t pay attention to the fact that CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the bought-and-paid-for radical media have overtly been pushing propaganda and conspiracy theories. Russia anyone?

According to The Independent:

A Twitter spokesperson told Forbes that after 20 January the former president will have to follow the same guidelines as regular citizens. The spokesperson said the platform does not have “special rules” for Mr Trump[…]

Mr Trump, with a following of 88.6 million, is among Twitter’s top 10 accounts. Among politicians, he is only behind former president Barack Obama who has over 125 million followers.

In comparison, the official Twitter account of the US president [POTUS] has 33.1 million followers. Twitter has already announced that it would hand over the POTUS handle to Mr Biden on 20 January even if Trump refuses to concede.

Twitter seemingly operates as a certified dumpster fire where people can hate as much as they want, as long as they’re hating the right people.

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They can go ahead and ban Trump from their platform, but wherever Trump moves to — social media wise — his supporters will follow. Be careful what you ask for “Twitterati.” Your clear censorship of people that don’t engage in groupthink with you might spell the demise of your precious Silicon Valley soapbox.