Civil War Reenactment Attendees Threatened With ‘Bodily Harm’ in Letter

ashley.rae | October 11, 2017
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Organizers for a Civil War reenactment set to take place this weekend in Virginia claim they have received a letter “threatening bodily harm” against those who attend the event.

NBC Washington reports the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation is set to reenact the Battle of Cedar Creek on Saturday and Sunday. However, this year, more security measures will be put in place due to a threatening letter.

The top of the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s website claims that the organizers have received a letter “threatening bodily harm to attendants of this event" and have heightened security:

“We would like to make everyone aware that the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation has received a letter threatening bodily harm to attendants of this event. With this in mind security has been increased and we ask that everyone work with us for a safe and enjoyable event.  Please pardon the inconvenience as you may experience increased security measures when enjoying the event.”

NBC Washington spoke to vendors who set up tents at the battlefield.

Walt Gaylor from Timeless Colors said, “The nature of the threat was so immature and unsophisticated that it didn't give it a lot of credibility.”

“We're not threatened. Matter of fact, what we're hearing is more and more people are saying, 'Hey, because of this we are going to come out this weekend.' We'll be prepared. We will protect ourselves. And we're looking forward to a big event,” he continued.

On Tuesday, Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland said the letter was sent to the FBI, which determined the threat was not credible.

Millholland told the Winchester Star, “Don’t let people who make idle threats scare you away from having a good time.”

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office will reportedly provide the extra security measures to ensure the event goes on as planned.

The specific threat information is not currently publicly available.

For what it's worth, the Union won the battle.

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