Civil Rights Atty. Leo Terrell Blasts Joe Biden: He 'Has the Mindset of a Plantation Owner'

Nick Kangadis | August 7, 2020
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The left can rile you up with their radical rhetoric, narratives and agendas to such a degree at times that you’ll sometimes end up going on a rant, dropping soundbite bombs all over the place. Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell had a moment like that last night on Fox News.

On Thursday’s edition of “Hannity,” Terrell joined fellow guest and conservative radio host Larry Elder in absolutely skewering former vice president Joe Biden following his remarks earlier in the week that the “unlike the African-American community” the Latino community is “incredibly diverse.”

Both Terrell and Elder took Biden to task for his ignorance when it comes to the black community.

“Joe Biden is unfit to be president, and Joe Biden is a racist,” Terrell told host Sean Hannity. “Joe Biden has the mindset of a plantation owner. He thinks he knows how every black person thinks, how we walk, what we should eat. Joe Biden doesn’t understand that black people are individuals. Condoleezza Rice and Al Sharpton are different individuals. We have a different mindset.”

And while Biden has since walked back his comments on Twitter, but offered no apology for his ignorance. Although, he shouldn't apologize for what he meant to say. If you mean it, own it.

Terrell continued his comments and alluded to Biden’s original comment that black people have a lack of diversity.

“No one black person speaks for black America,” Terrell continued. “And CNN and MSNBC? They wouldn’t cover this today. Donald Trump is absolutely right. Joe Biden insulted every black American today, and he should not be president. He is the racist.”

For his part, Elder talked about a list of things that Biden has praised himself for that Elder claims are lies.

He [Biden] has been lying about his civil rights record for decades. He lied and said the NAACP endorsed him for every one of his campaigns. Actually, the NAACP has endorsed him for zero of his campaigns. He lied and said he was arrested trying to visit [late South African president] Nelson Mandela. And for decades he said that ‘I have participated in desegregating restaurants and movie theaters in Wilmington, Delaware. Zero evidence! The New York Times looked at it and said, years ago, that his adviser gently reminded Joe to stop saying it because it wasn’t true, and he kept saying it anyway. It just shows you that the Democrats think of black people as children whom the truth cannot be told.

For video of both Terrell and Elder’s comments, watch below:


H/T: Daily Caller