Civics, Much? NYT's Sarah Jeong Complains That All States Have Two Senators Regardless of Population

Brittany M. Hughes | February 22, 2019
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New York Times editorial board member (and resident racist) Sarah Jeong tripped over the second grade and crash-landed into a giant civics lesson Friday when she lamented on Twitter that Wyoming has the same number of senators as other states, even though it’s got a smaller population.

Yep. That’s an editorial board member on a major national newspaper who doesn’t understand why American states each have two senators regardless of their population density – and who’s apparently forgotten all about the House of Representatives.

Thankfully, Twitter has not.


Perhaps, Sarah, the constitutional framers wanted to ensure that certain people - let's say, ignorant elitists in New York City, for example - couldn't run roughshod over citizens in smaller rural areas with their stupid ideas. Just a thought.

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