City Pulls $14M From Police - Rioters Still Turn On Mayor, Vandalize Her Home

Eric Scheiner | July 23, 2020

In June, the Oakland City Council voted to pull over $14 million from the city police budget. However, police were still called in to investigate vandalism at Mayor Libby Schaaf's house on Tuesday.

"Defund OPD," “Cancel Rent” "homes 4 all," and "blood on your hands" were all spray-painted on the garage, sidewalk and stone wall outside Mayor Schaaf's Oakland early Tuesday.

Witnesses claim about 40 people dressed in black and wearing masks shot projectiles, set off fireworks and banged loudly on various items outside the residence around 2 a.m.

KCBS Radio reports:

Many of the houses in the neighborhood have signs of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, including Mayor Schaaf's home, where a sign can be seen in a window above her garage. Graffiti was left in front of several other homes in the neighborhood, too.

Earlier in the week, Schaff joined California Governor Gavin Newsom to reject a call by President Trump to possibly send Department of Homeland Security officers to the East Bay city.