Citibank Says It Won't Do Business With Anyone Who Sells Guns to Anyone Under 21

Nick Kangadis | March 23, 2018
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We knew the banking industry was filled with crooks, but now they’re filled with cowards, too.

Citibank announced Thursday that they're changing their company policy to fit the anti-Second Amendment liberal agenda: the “too big to fail” bank will not do business with anybody who sells guns to people under 21 years-of-age.

The new policy also states that Citibank won’t do business with anyone who sells “high-capacity magazines.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The new policy would require that any company using Citibank financial services "restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age" and stop selling "bump stocks or high-capacity magazines." The company did not specify what they believe constitutes a "high-capacity" magazine and did not immediately respond to multiple requests for clarification. Citibank did not answer whether it feared the blanket age requirement might lead to discrimination lawsuits like those Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods are facing after implementing similar corporate policies.

Why would they respond? A snake does its best work in silence.

According to a statement by Citibank’s Executive Vice President of Global Public Affairs Ed Skyler:

Today, our CEO announced Citi is instituting a new U.S. Commercial Firearms Policy. It is not centered on an ideological mission to rid the world of firearms. That is not what we seek. There are millions of Americans who use firearms for recreational and other legitimate purposes, and we respect their Constitutional right to do so.

Sure! Citibank totally respects Americans’ Constitutional right to own a firearm — unless they’re under 21 or own a firearm sales business that sells to people under 21.

Citibank can claim that they’re not on an “ideological mission,” but that’s a pretty difficult argument to back up when the overwhelming majority of people calling for more restrictions on the sale of firearms reside on the Left side of the aisle.

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