Chuck Schumer Calls For Biden To Declare a Climate 'National Emergency' and Rule Like a Dictator

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 31, 2021
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In “1984,” George Orwell imagined a world in which people would engage in “DoubleThink,” the act of holding two contradictory thoughts at the same time and believing them both to be true. The practice was to be pushed by the ruling elite, so as to keep the ruled masses malleable and always supportive of the latest affront to and attack on their withering liberty.

Shiny new Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) must be a big, big fan of DoubleThink, for he’s engaging in the promotion of it right now, calling for President Biden to declare the bogeyman of “anthropogenic climate change” a “national emergency” and enact the spectacularly unconstitutional and immoral “Emergency Powers Act” of 1976 (sponsored by only Democrats, by the way) despite Schumer excoriating President Trump for enacting it to push for the southern U.S. border wall in 2019.

On January 25, Schumer appeared on the painful-to-watch MSNBC Rachel Maddow Torture Device – er, Show – and called for Biden to start the dictatorial dance. As Eddie Zipperer notes for Townhall:

Schumer acknowledged in the interview with Maddow that he was definitely suggesting the exact same tactic. Schumer explained, ‘Trump used this emergency for a stupid wall which wasn’t an emergency, but if there was ever an emergency, climate is one.’

There we are. The classic hypocrisy of a two-faced rhetorical grifter who, just like so many leftists since the early 1900s who claimed they were anti-authoritarian but simply wanted to become the authorities or put in power authorities they liked, does a flip that could make circus acrobats nauseous.


As Zipperer observes:

Less than two years ago, Schumer railed against Trump’s national emergency gambit as being blatantly unconstitutional. He called it ‘an outrageous power grab by a president who refuses to accept the constitutional separation of powers.’

And did you notice another example of hypocrisy within THAT statement?

The move by a President to use the 1976 “Emergency Powers Act” should not upset Schumer because it is, as he claims, an affront to the “separation of powers.” It should upset him – a man who swore an oath to uphold the very document that created his office – because it runs contrary to the ENUMERATED POWERS listed for ALL BRANCHES of the central government and is an affront to liberty.



Instead, Schumer also tweeted his thirst to see Biden act like a dictator and engage in all kinds of anti-constitutional activity in order to do what Schumer likes – supposedly “fight” the Emmanuel Goldstein of “Climate Change,” echoing almost verbatim his screed from the Maddow show.

President Biden should declare a national emergency on the climate crisis. Donald Trump declared some fake emergency for his ineffective, wasteful wall. That wasn't an emergency. If there was ever an emergency, the climate crisis is an emergency.

To which, on January 30, I replied:

Hey, Chuck, just as there's no appearance of the word ‘immigration’ in the Const, + Mr. Trump was wrong to issue border orders, I wonder where you find the enumerated ‘power’ for a Prez to ‘declare an emergency’ at all. You've been in DC a while, surely you could cite it.

I won’t hold my breath for Schumer to reply.

I'll look at it as a learning opportunity. It gives us a chance not only to remember that the science behind any claim of an “anthropomorphic climate change emergency” is debated, and to recall not only that promoters of the “Climate Change” narrative have been exposed as appearing to engage in a plot to manipulate data in the infamous ClimateGate saga, but to remember to “be careful what they wish for.”

To ask a president to “declare an emergency” in order to do what one personally wants him to do is to engage in the same kind of anti-constitutional authoritarianism Schumer now embraces for his pal, Joe. It is important to note that a president cannot engage in executive actions within a state unless the legislature or governor of that state ask for federal assistance to fight insurrection or rebellion to, as Article Four, Section Four notes, to fight “domestic violence.” But, again, the President can only respond to a state request. He cannot initiate the action, and he certainly can’t claim Orwellian power over the entire nation simply by saying there’s an “emergency.”

Schumer once donned the mantel of “fighting authoritarianism” in the figure of Donald Trump. But now he supports authoritarianism under Biden. And he wants to use many more methods to expand federal power. As Frank Salvato reports for NationalFile:

The Majority Leader made no qualms about his intention to move Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill through reconciliation rather than to debate the measure on its merits on the Senate floor.

Reconciliation can be employed in affecting certain types of legislation that impact the federal budget. The tactic requires only a simple majority for final passage instead of the super majority needed for revenue legislation.

Yeah, why hold back when you can accelerate the Debt Train? Liberty-minded Cassandras have tried to warn people like Schumer. We’ve pointed out their reckless imposition of that debt on untold unborn millions, and they don’t listen.

Why? Because they don’t care. They don’t care about enslaving future generations, they don’t care about their oath to the Constitution, they don’t care about our rights, and they don’t even dare about their own offensive hypocrisy.

Just look at Biden’s response when a reporter had the temerity to ask him whether his $1.9 TRILLION unconstitutional new COVID19 “relief” plan might need to be handled in a manner that at least gives the impression of it not being imposed by the Dems… Writes Ben Bowles of LibertyUnyielding:

’Do you believe you may be required to break down the COVID bill into smaller chunks in order to get it passed?’ Biden snapped back: ‘No one requires me to do anything.’

That includes the Founding Fathers, despite them being the ones who wrote the supposed recipe for the creation of Biden’s new job in the first place.


(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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