Christie to GOP Candidates: 'Stop Complaining' About Debates

Monica Sanchez | November 2, 2015

Following the CNBC Republican primary debate in Boulder, Colo., last week, candidates such as Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump joined forces to draft a list of demands to change the current debate structure.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning, New Jersey governor Chris Christie sounded off on his fellow GOP candidates for spending their time “complaining” about the debates as opposed to meeting with voters and discussing “issues that really matter.”   

“Stop complaining,” Christie fired. “Do me a favor. Set up a stage, put podiums up there, and let’s just go, O.K.?”

“[The CNBC moderators] were not good, alright? Did that affect the debate that much?” he asked.

Gov. Christie went on: 

“Why are we spending time arguing and bickering about this? I’d rather spend my time going out there and talking to voters about issues that really matter to the country."

"And if you think anybody who’s watching those debates really, really cares about the future of the country, is worried about whether the bathroom is close… Come on.”

Is bias in the media not an issue that matters to voters? Should it be? 

Watch the rest of his remarks in the video clip below.