Chris Matthews Spinning Leaked Emails as Positive for Clinton

Zach Montanaro | October 14, 2016
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It appears Chris Matthews is getting a tingle up his leg for Hillary Clinton.

As first shown by Newsbusters, Matthews attempted to pull off an amazing aerobics performance when trying to somehow spin the continuing leak of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta as a positive thing for Clinton, gushing about the “intelligence” of the emails and calling them a great “learning device.”

“But what I found great about it from the Clinton side was the intelligence of the people inside,” Matthews said. “They're asking the questions that everybody on the outside’s been asking like where's the coherent message?”

Matthews spoke with "Boston Globe" reporter Annie Linskey, who also joined in on the performance by saying the emails were somehow “very affirming” for reporters who have covered the campaign.

“It was very affirming for anybody who's covered the campaign and asked those questions on the outside. Like, is she connecting with people? What exactly is her message?”

Matthews must not have seen the emails where Clinton’s top aides and supporters were mocking Catholics as “backwards” and calling Catholicism a “Middle Age dictatorship,” or where Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta urged Clinton to reach out to “needy Latinos.”

You can see the entire love-fest in the video below:

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