Chris Matthews Fails To Mention A.G. Kathleen Kane Is A Democrat

Alissa Lopez | August 17, 2016
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It’s not much of a surprise that Chris Matthews on Tuesday’s Hardball -- along with the show's accompanying screen graphics -- conveniently forgot to mention that Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania’s former attorney general, is a Democrat.

Kane was recently convicted on nine counts of perjury and obstruction, which aren't things that others usually want to associate themselves with. It doesn’t reflect well that the once up-and coming female Democratic political leader leaked grand jury information from a 2009 investigation and later lied about doing it. But take a minute and imagine if it was a Republican A.G. that had committed these same crimes.

Chris Matthews, along with the rest of the liberal media, would be all over it.

But since it wasn't, here's all Matthews had to say:

Matthews: Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane resigned today after being convicted on nine criminal charges. Prosecutors argued that Kane leaked information about a rival prosecutor and then lied about it to a grand jury. Once, and not too long ago, a rising star in Pennsylvania politics and the first woman ever elected to her position, Kane had already lost her legal license but had refused to step down until today. Kane could face prison time. She’ll be sentenced within 90 days. What a downfall. We’ll be right back.

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