Chris Matthews Says Christians Have 'Mythical,' 'Crazy Ideas' About Israel


MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews thinks “deaths are coming” after President Trump officially declared that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that Evangelical Christians may have something to do with it.

Before predicting the oncoming wave of death on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Matthews said, “If you don’t give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity and have a capital where they believe it should be,  you’re going to have an unending problem,” referencing the idea that the Palestinian people also claim Jerusalem as their capital.

He continued, saying, “You can just bet in the next few weeks we’re gonna have hell to pay for this totally erratic decision by this President.”

The most biting part of Matthews’ rant began when he brought up how the move was strategically made before President’s Trump’s visit to Alabama:

Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama next week. It is related. Because it’s the Christian Evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel which is, I don’t know, mythical. They don’t understand the situation over there, how tricky it is ethnically and tribally. They don’t care because it’s a religious belief. Trump is playing into that this week you watch him.

But this wasn’t the first time Matthews took shots at Christians, and my guess is it probably won’t be the last.

Watch the video below:


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