Chris Christie Vetoes Tax Hike Two Minutes After Passed

Stephen Gutowski | May 21, 2010
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Yes Chris Christie is back. Last time around I compared him to Moses, which still holds, but this time he seems a whole lot more like a super hero. When the injustice of economy crushing tax hikes threaten the people Chris Christie moves faster than a speeding bullet to smash them into oblivion. And when the evil tax hikers defiantly say "we'll be back" Christie stars them straight in the face and says "we'll see". Watch for yourself:

Ok... well maybe actually watching the video of the veto and Christie's exchange with one of the liberals who is desperate to raise taxes isn't quite as exciting as Ironman 2. But watching this man demonstrate bold conservative leadership even in a state like New Jersey is awe inspiring. I could watch this man quietly sign documents in order to shrink government and lower taxes all day long.

I hope people soon start to realize the potential in this man. The truth is that conservatives haven't been wondering in the wilderness waiting for someone to lead us out since 2006 or 2008 but rather since 1989. That's not because we don't have great conservative leaders in congress or at conservative organizations (like, oh say, the MRC). Rather its Chris Christie's position as a chief executive which grants him far more direct power on how government works combined with his unique ability to cut through political bull and articulate his conservatism in a confident and honest way.