Chris Christie Slams Reporter

Stephen Gutowski | May 14, 2010
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a man who simply isn't going to put up with an asinine media double standard for long. Case and point:

Bold. Energetic. Daring. Crusading. Conservative. Not words normally used to describe a Governor of New Jersey.

Of course Christie is not your average New Jersey Governor or even your average Republican Governor for that mater. This man is a conservative powerhouse. He is a shining beacon of what a conservative politician should be. I mean look at what he has done already and what he is proposing to do.

If conservatives want to win elections we need a strategy that is more than just pointing out how terrible liberal policies have failed or how successful conservative policies would be in their place. We need a leader already in place that we can point to and show voters conservatism's full potential. Hypotheticals and decades old examples can only take us so far.

The ideas and practical success of conservative icons like Reagan and Goldwater will, and should, always remain an important part of our efforts to win over voters. However, it is time for us to focus a spotlight on Chris Christie. If he continues on his current path perhaps he will become our modern day Moses.

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