Chris Christie Schools Another Snide Union Defending Teacher

Stephen Gutowski | September 9, 2010
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I've never been this jealous of New Jersey before in my life. In fact, as a native Pennsylvanian, for a long time I was one of the many who favored blowing up the whole of Jersey so we could finally get some beaches in PA. I mean Jersey has always been a haven for liberal idiocy but now Christie is in office and the man is a on fire. At this point its only going to take a few more rhetorical smack downs of snooty little union drones before I pack up my car and move to New Jersey. Go ahead and check out his latest masterpiece from a town hall in Raritan, New Jersey yesterday:


By the way what a sad display from that teacher. I wonder what she would do if one of her students acted the way she did in this video? What a great way to get everybody to stop taking you seriously. Bleh.

Of course, the teacher's asinine attitude makes Christie's rebuking of her all the more sweet. We need more serious adults like Christie in politics. We need more conservatives like Christie in politics.