Chris Christie Just Can't Seem to Do Anything Right These Days

Lianne Hikind | July 19, 2017
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Once Chris Christie completes his final term as governor of New Jersey, he should perhaps consider launching a reality show entitled, “Chris Christie Ruins Everything.” 

Seemingly unable to do anything right these days, Christie managed on Tuesday to ruin a baseball game for everybody in attendance just by existing, and then having the audacity to catch a foul ball.

The AP reports "In the third inning, St. Louis rookie Paul DeJong lifted a high foul that bounced in the stands, and Christie reached out with his left hand and snagged it."

Fans attending the Cardinals v. Mets game cheered...initially. But once they noticed who made the catch, they began booing loudly, though they did stop short of throwing their drinks at him. The jeering only got worse after Christie stood up and high-fived another spectator. 

The governor was not wearing a baseball cap during the game, so we can only assume that unlike Beachgate, he actually caught some sun as well as the foul ball.