Choose the Race That Matches Your 'Real Body': RI College Offers ‘Transracial’ Course

Monica Sanchez | July 27, 2017


The Rhode Island School of Design is offering its students a course that promises to “use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race,” Campus Reform reports.  

The course, titled “Transracial Bodies, Transracial Selves,” praises transgender people for opening discussion “to understand our bodies in radically unbounded ways."

Offered in the fall, the course describes biology as a tether that restricts people from truly “becoming ourselves" and claims that it's actually escapable by simply declaring oneself a different race. 

“Thanks to the work and lives of transgender people, we now have room to understand our bodies in radically unbounded ways,” the course description reads. “Technological advances in surgery, hormonal therapy, psychiatry, cultural warfare are catching up to the transgender presence: the gendered body is not necessarily that with which we were born, but one that can be crafted to match the real body of our psyche, our dreams. However, one's racial self remains tethered to biology.”

“Blackness, Whiteness, Asianness, Latinness, the whole rainbow of racial identification, is still construed as biologically inescapable and inevitable,” the description goes on. “To speak of ‘transracialism’ is to evoke self-delusion and community betrayal. But this cultural reaction is contrary to the everyday experience that actually finds racial identification as a process that is always transracial: declaring ourselves racially, we all cross restricted zones in becoming ourselves. In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.”

Why not learn about or embrace other races and the cultures that accompany them? It's actually encouraged in becoming a well-rounded individual. But to treat your own God-given race as a burden or "tether" that ties you down is complete crap. 

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