Chinese Whistleblower Tells Tucker Carlson Chinese Gov't 'Intentionally' Released Virus, Says It's 'Man-Made'

Nick Kangadis | September 16, 2020

Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News was interesting to say the very least. Since our society was taken over by the current pandemic, different theories have been bandied about concerning not only the origin of COVID-19, but whether there was a motive if the virus was intentionally released on the public.

Host Tucker Carlson spoke with who the show classified as a “Chinese virologist whistleblower,” Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Yan is reportedly a doctor who researches infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong.

Yan told Carlson that the COVID-19 is a “man-made virus” developed by the communist Chinese government. Yan’s English was very good for someone who doesn’t speak the language all the time.

“I have evidence to show why they can do it, what they have done, [and] how did they do it,” Yan said.

A shocked Carlson asked Yan to clarify her statement.

“You’re saying that the Chinese government manufactured this virus, if I’m hearing you correctly,” Carlson said. “That’s what you’re saying?”

“Yes, exactly,” Yan responded. “Based on the virus genome, it’s basically like our fingerprint. So you can see the very unusual characters in their genome.”

Carlson brought up how Twitter suspended Yan’s account because of her claims.

“I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt so I’m going to assume you’re not an anti-Chinese racist,” Carlson said, “so it’s not clear why Twitter would shut you down or why you’re being ignored by the rest of the U.S. media.”

Later in the interview, after Yan and Carlson went over more details, Carlson straight up asked Yan whether she believes or has proof that the Chinese government “intentionally” released the virus on the world.

“Do you believe the Chinese government released this intentionally, on purpose?” Carlson asked. “Did they do this?”

“Yes, of course it’s intentionally,” Yan answered. “And even no need more evidence, you can see what they [the Chinese government] tried to cover up from the early beginning as I reviewed in different medias before.”

For the full interview between Carlson and Yan, watch below: