Chinese City Essentially Bans Christmas: No Celebrations, No Decorations

Nick Kangadis | December 18, 2018

The war on Christmas isn’t exclusive to the United States. Governments around the world, particularly those of the Socialist or Communist persuasion, see the season of Christmas as a threat because it gives people more hope than any other time of year. Hope, despite what you may hear from the Left, is a weapon that they fear, mainly because anyone can acquire it.

Langfang, a Chinese city close to Beijing, has banned any public display of Christmas. Be it lights, trees, or any other type of decoration, the Communist government won’t allow it.

Something like this should really come as no surprise considering the ruling class in China is “officially atheist.”

According to Chinese state media outlet Global Times:

The Urban Management Bureau of Langfang, North China's Hebei Province issued a notice on Sunday that bans Christmas trees on streets. Stores are not allowed to put up posters, banners or light boxes about Christmas sales. Outdoor performances to celebrate the holiday or promote sales are also prohibited.

City peddlers are forbidden from selling Christmas related items like Christmas apples, Santa costumes and stockings, or Christmas trees.

What’s even more shocking is that the move reportedly wasn’t even done to combat Christmas, but to win some award that’s given out every three years, the National Civilized City award.

That’s a complete contradiction. It is actually all about downplaying the impact of Christmas. If getting rid of Christmas makes your city more attractive for some award, then that award promotes the denigration of the Christmas season.

Personally, I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it. If my local government told me I couldn’t observe the holiday through decoration, I’d go full Clark Griswold and decorate until I couldn’t decorate any further.

A story like this just goes to show what Communism gets you — misery.

H/T: South China Morning Post, Breitbart