China Uses Medical Equipment As Leverage To Get Other Countries To Use Huawei 5G

Dan Montanaro | April 7, 2020
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While China is working with other countries to assist with shortages of personal protection equipment and other medical supplies, it appears that assistance may come with a catch: Use Huawei to implement 5G.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), told of a conference call Saturday with French president Emanuel Macron had asked for 1 billion masks from Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese president’s response was “We’ll give them to you if you implement 5G with Huawei.” The congressman emphatically declared, “That’s who China is, and it’s time the world wake up and recognize it.”

In a tweet linking to the interview, Rep. Green wrote, “We must increase our strategic stockpiles and fix our reliance on China - the country that started this virus - for our Nation’s supply of medications and medical supplies.”

The congressman claimed that the issue of personal protection equipment and other public health supply chains is unmistakably an issue of national security, saying,“Very clearly, the whole issue of PPE, our medical supply chain is a national security issue. You look at right now, we maintain a manufacturing base for, let’s say tank barrels. Even though we’re not making a single tank barrel, there’s a plant ready, in case of national emergency, in case of war, to build tank barrels. We’ve got to start thinking about PPE, ventilators, you know, public health stuff, in that same vein.”


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