China: Fans Accost Black Basketball Player, Repeatedly Call Him the N-Word

Nick Kangadis | January 20, 2022
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The clip that you’re about to see is so racist that it might make actual racists flinch. 

Before you see it, a little context.

In China, they love basketball. They have their own league called the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Some former NBA players who either can’t quite make it in the NBA or might be past their primes occasionally play in the CBA because it allows to them to continue playing professionally and they get paid relatively well for it.

Well, in a video that’s circulating on different social media — which appears to now be going viral — the Guangdong Southern Tigers team bus was met by some Chinese fans that didn’t give one player in particular a warm welcome.

As Complex reported:

In a clip that has since gone viral, [35-year-old ex-NBA player Sonny] Weems can be seen getting off the team bus with fans shouting the N-word and other vulgarities. The incident happened last Thursday following a game between the Southern Tigers and the Liaoning Flying Leopards. During the game, Weems and Chinese player Han Dejun got into an altercation that resulted in both of them getting ejected from the game.

I first saw this on the Wednesday episode of the conservative talk show, “Louder with Crowder,” and I couldn’t believe my ears. The fans had no shame and were brazen in their blatant racism.

"Get out of China," the Chinese bigot in the video said. "F**k you!"

I'm not going to quote the rest of what the Chinese bigots said, because screw those guys.

Take a look (Obvious warning: Strong Language):

Wow! Holy racist, Batman!

The CBA issued a statement, saying the league has a “zero-tolerance attitude toward any discriminatory words or deeds.”

No word on what Chinese sympathizers LeBron James or partial owner of the Golden State Warriors Chamath Palihapitiya think about this.

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