'Children Can Handle Kink' At Gay Pride Parades, Says HuffPo Writer

John Romero | June 18, 2019

A Huffington Post article actually made the argument that it's a good thing to expose children to sexuality and "kink" at Gay Pride parades, saying that "children can handle the kink" and asserting that it's even an "excellent opportunity for parents to do unbiased sex education."

The piece's author, Brianna Sharpe, talks to retired sex therapist Pega Ren, someone who takes her children to these events every year.

"On the list of things that I don’t want my children ever to be exposed to are: Compulsory heterosexuality, demonstrations of sexism, demonstrations of racism, demonstrations of ableism, violence. These are all way higher on the list than some homosexual’s tuchus," Sharpe says, adding she's got no problem with her kids seeing various displays of hyper-sexualized adults dressed in bondage costumes.

Instead, Sharpe claims "Pride" parades are the way to teach children about sexuality.

"Ren emphasized that Pride, from kink to nakedness, is an excellent opportunity for parents to do unbiased sex education," HuffPo claimed.

Because every parent should expose their children to what some have amounted to softcore porn. For example, here's a lesson on twerking that was on full display during this year's DC pride parade: 

The article also featured the executive director of Calgary Pride event, Parker Chapel, who said, "As an activist, I’ve always been acutely aware of what the parade and the festival are rooted in, and I’ve always passed that opportunity on to my children as a learning opportunity." 

Predictably, the article was met with no small amount of pushback on Twitter from those claiming the media - and the leftists they often serve - is using events like these to push sex on little kids.


Others disagreed, including HuffPo's own S. Bear Bergman, who actually said, “First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children." 

Usually exposing a child purposefully to nudity could amount to child abuse - but to Bergman, there is no issue.