Chicago Weekend Shootings: At Least 9 Dead, Another 23 Wounded

Nick Kangadis | December 6, 2021
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The violence in Chicago is what you get when you have had 90 years of unadulterated “progressivism.” And as long as that city has that, it will never change.

At least nine people were shot dead and another 23 were wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area over the weekend. This is similar to the total number of victims from the previous weekend, which saw at least three people murdered and another 26 wounded.

Here are the names and ages of those who lost their lives over the weekend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Meagan Bilbo, 20

Unidentified Male, 56

Lynnez Patterson, 44

Unidentified Female, 27

Unidentified Male, 18

Parrish Peeples, 54

As for the year-to-date totals for Chicago weekend shootings, 301 people have been murdered and another 1,751 have been wounded in Chicago in 2021. Compared to this time last year, 15 fewer people have been shot dead (2020 - 307 Dead), but 124 more have been wounded (2020 - 1,604 Wounded). Overall, those numbers represent an increase of 109 more weekend shooting victims in 2021 than in 2020.

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