Chicago Weekend Shootings: At Least 4 Dead, Another 21 Wounded


Thank God 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams has reportedly received a measure of actual justice after she was murdered last weekend in Chicago while sitting in a McDonald’s drive-thru with her father. However, the true measures of justice are few and far between in major cities across the country as a result of the left’s push to demonize law enforcement to the point they’re not even allowed to do their job of serving and protecting without a media outlet or click-drive activist calling them out for doing so. 

Whatever the case, you don’t hear those same activists shouting for justice for the people killed in Chicago and other cities like it every single day.

This past weekend, at least four people were killed and another 21 were wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area. The previous weekend saw at least five people murdered and another 22 wounded.

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Here are the names and ages of those who were shot and killed over the weekend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Bryone Dupart, 27

Duntae Manuel, 36

Jessica Johnson, 30

Benjamin Barber, 62

As for the year-to-date totals for Chicago weekend shootings, 77 people have been murdered and another 374 have been wounded in Chicago in 2021. The Chicago Tribune, which keeps a tracker of all shooting victims in Chicago, is reporting that — as of March 31 — 907 people have been shot this year. That number is 214 more than at the same point in 2020, which saw the second most shooting victims in the last 10 years of tracking data.

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