Chicago Union Creates a Ringtone Reminding Illegals Of Their Rights

Nick Kangadis | June 6, 2017
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Are you an illegal alien who feels left out because you just can’t find an awesome ringtone for your cell phone? Well, a local union in Chicago has just the ditty for you!

Unite Here Local 1, a Chicago hotel and restaurant workers union, has created a ringtone specifically to remind illegal aliens of their rights if confronted by authorities.

Here is the ringtone in question:

In case any of you wanted to sing along with the catchy tune, here are the lyrics, according to Fox 32 - Chicago:

If immigration comes to arrest you, keep calm. You have the right not to sign anything and not to say anything. You have the right to remain silent, also the right to ask for an attorney.

Such poetic lyrics haven’t hit the airwaves since Rick Astley sang “Never Gonna Give You Up” in 1987.

For the illegal alien that has everything, this ringtone is the perfect gift.

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