Chicago Shooting Victims Nearly Double New York City and Los Angeles Combined

Nick Kangadis | December 5, 2016
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Chicago is the shooting capital of the United States. There is no question about it, especially when you look at the Windy City’s gun violence numbers compared to those of New York City and Los Angeles.

Chicago has had nearly double the amount of shooting victims than New York City and L.A. combined so far in 2016, according to statistics compiled by the Chicago Police Department (CPD), the Chicago Tribune, the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The CPD reported that as of Nov. 27, Chicago had seen 3,289 shooting incidents this calendar year. According to the Chicago Tribune’s numbers, which are compiled by their breaking news division, these shootings resulted in a total of 4,122 individual victims as of this writing.

Unsurprisingly, the number of shooting victims is higher than the number of shooting incidents, because there is occasionally more than one victim per incident.

NYC’ saw vastly fewer shootings than Chicago, along with a far smaller number of victims. As of Nov. 20, the NYPD reported that there have been 907 shooting incidents with 1,077 victims resulting from those incidents so far in 2016.

L.A.’s shooting statistics do not include shooting incidents, but instead include a statistic labeled as “shots fired.” The LAPD reported 2,369 "shots fired" incidents as of Nov. 26. In total, 1,063 shooting victims were reported.

Based on the numbers, Chicago's 4,122 victim count is nearly double the 2,140 victims reported out of NYC and L.A. combined.

Looks like all those gun control regulations isn’t amounting to jack squat for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who wants to increase the amount of legislation towards controlling the city’s weapons.

“The deck has been stacked against the kids,” Emanuel said back in September. “It’s time we reshuffle the deck and put our kids on the top of that deck.”

And who stacked that deck against the youth of Chicago, Mayor? It couldn’t possibly be 50 straight years of liberal policies could it?

Another weekend, more bloodshed in Chicago.

This past weekend, three people were killed and 28 more were wounded in weekend shooting across the Chicagoland area. These numbers are down from the extended Thanksgiving weekend, during which nine people were killed and another 60 were wounded over the holiday weekend.

However, snowfall on Sunday might have had something to do with the drop in numbers, as Chicago saw its largest first snow one-day accumulation in the city’s history. Six-and-a-half inches of snow fell on Sunday in the Second City, and some of the suburbs saw as much as eight inches of snow.

One example of this past weekend’s violence, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Just after 3 a.m. Sunday, a man was shot to death in a Parkway Gardens neighborhood restaurant on the South Side. Officers responding to a call of shots fired found the 23-year-old unresponsive inside the fast-food restaurant in the 6300 block of South King Drive, police said. He was shot in the face and pronounced dead at the scene at 3:15 a.m., authorities said. The medical examiner’s office has not released his name.

Two other men were wounded in the shooting and took themselves to St. Bernard Hospital. The men, ages 22 and 24, were each shot once in the lower body and their conditions were stabilized.

That is how bad it has become in the neighborhoods of Chicago. People take themselves to the emergency room instead of waiting for authorities.