Chicago Mayor Loudly 'Welcomes' Illegals From Texas - Then Quietly Dumps Them In a Republican Suburb

Brittany M. Hughes | September 18, 2022
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About two seconds after publicly welcoming busloads of illegal aliens sent to Chicago by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot reportedly shipped dozens of migrants out of the Windy City and into a local Republican-controlled suburb outside her borders – without telling local officials.

Like a bartender who tells patrons they don’t have to go home but they can’t stay there, Lightfoot apparently bussed more than 60 of the 175 illegal immigrants sent to Chicago to a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge, a wealthy suburb of the city shared by Cook and DuPage counties.

The move came right after Lightfoot publicly declared to the media that her city would welcome the migrants with open arms, the Independent Journal Review notes.

“We are welcoming them and we will not turn our backs on those who need our help the most,” she told local reporters.

We understand that many are fleeing violent, traumatic, or otherwise unstable environments,” the statement said. “We will respond with essential services while these individuals navigate the next steps of their journey and our community partners have been working diligently to provide a safety net.”

But apparently, "welcoming" those migrants meant shaking their hands and pausing for a photo op before quietly booting 64 of them to a neighboring town outside Chicago, all without letting the town’s leaders know they were coming.

Which, ironically, is the exact same move for which Lightfoot has criticized Abbott.

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“If you don’t want these folks to stay in Texas, then make sure that you collaborate with the cities before you put them on buses so that we can be here and make sure that our services are welcoming,” she said, referencing Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to Chicago without giving her office a heads up.

It's a courtesy Burr Ridge officials said she never gave them.

“Neither village elected officials nor staff were consulted or contacted about this decision and we are now gathering information to keep our community updated,” Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso said.

“I am concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this,” he added.

Grasso said he wants to know why Lightfoot specifically chose Burr Ridge – a Republican locale – to dump the migrants, given that she’s hailed her city as a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens and bragged about her office’s “welcoming” stance toward those living in the U.S. illegally.

And it looks like Chicago's not the only deep-blue city that's had its bluff called over its supposed devotion to illegal aliens. In the "sanctuary state" of Massachusetts, the swanky island of Martha's Vineyard declared an"urgent humanitarian situation" after a paltry 50 migrants were flown in and dropped off at the local airport by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. The migrants were then fed and housed by a gaggle of hand-wringing residents, who immediately began complaining about strained resources and a housing crisis.

After about 48 hours, the migrants were shuffled post-haste to a nearby military base, safely removed from manicured lawns and million-dollar coastal mansions that dot the island's luxury shoreline.