Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Posts Cringe Tweet Bribing People to 'GET VAX'D'

Nick Kangadis | January 28, 2022
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I haven’t done one of these in a little while, folks. But, this definitely qualifies for what I used to call my “Cringiest Moment of the Week.”

A serial offender of some of the cringiest moments is none other that Chicago Mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot. This time the city employees, and the mayor herself, thought it would be a great idea to tweet out a picture of the mayor trying to persuade people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

It plays like one of those bad local ambulance chasing attorney commercials we all used to know and love back in the day, with Lightfoot standing beside the phrase “GET VAX’D,” which was spelled out in $20 bills.

No joke. They even left a phone number where people could make their appointment.

Just look:

Yeah, that’s for real. Some cringe you just can’t fake.

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