Chicago: At Least 10 Dead & 45 Wounded, Including Two Officers, in Weekend Shootings

Nick Kangadis | August 31, 2020
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It's more than sad at this point. Rioters and looters who claim that they "protest" in the name of black lives still appear to not care one bit about those who get shot in the city of Chicago, among other leftist run cities across the country. People, regardless of color, are being killed in the streets, but these rioters don't see the value in their lives. There's not enough "opportunity" in it for them. Well, another weekend's gone and dozens more were victims of shootings in Chicago.

At least 10 people were murdered and another 45 were wounded inshootings across the Chicagoland area over the weekend. This past weekend's numbers are slightly down from the previous weekend, which saw at least five people killed with another 61 wounded. 

Here are the names of those that lost their lives in shootings over the weekend in Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Devon Welsh, 31

Unidentified Male, 34

Chauncey Ali Jr., 29

Unidentified Male, 61

Unidentified Male, 54

Jason Carson, 40

Identified Female - Name Unreported, 31

Jamil Williamson, 21

Unidentified Male, 39

Unidentified Male, 18

Among those who were shot over the weekend were two Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers, both of whom will reportedly survive their wounds. One officer was wounded twice and was listed in serious condition with a positive prognosis. The other officer was shot once, while the suspect was wounded in the exchange as well. The suspect will reportedly also survive.

As for the year-to-date numbers on weekend shooting victims, Chicago is now up to at least 216 people dead and 1,156 people wounded. For the third week in a row, the Chicago Tribune shooting tracker, which keeps a weekly count of all Chicago shooting victims regardless of the day of the week, reported that 2,694 have been victims of shootings, as of August 18. That is 870 more than the same point in 2019, and the second highest number behind the same point in 2016 (2,854).