Chicago FOP President: Mayor Lori Lightfoot 'Does Not Appreciate the Police...I Don't Care What She Says'

Nick Kangadis | August 19, 2020
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I’m sorry (not really). Leftist cities, their politicians and their radical “activists” deserve what they’re getting. When you push any group of people enough, to the point that it becomes overtly disrespectful, don’t be surprised when some of the people you’re pushing give up on you to go somewhere that’ll appreciate them. Either that or they’ll just flat-out retire or quit because it isn’t worth risking your life or putting yourself in danger for people that don’t have your back and would rather see you in the gutter. Karma’s real, at least in this instance.

Wednesday morning, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President John Catanzara joined “Fox & Friends” to talk about the current trend that’s seeing Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers retire at “double the average” of what is usual for the city.

In the month of August, 59 officers are reportedly retiring and 51 more are retiring in September. The typical average for retirements in a month is 24.

Catanzara was asked why the left has remained so silent concerning support for police officers, and he responded by calling out the “goofy protests” going on and that the left simply doesn’t like the police as a contributing factors for the surge in retirements.

Well, because they don’t like the police. They are really trying to see where this whole defunding  conversation goes, specifically here in Chicago. We’re under a consent decree. A consent decree means we need to spend more money, not less money. But yet here we are still entertaining these goofy protests about defunding the police, when the mayor [Lori Lightfoot] could squash it in one sentence and say, ‘It’s not going to happen, period.’ And the aldermen, for a large part, have been silent in this whole matter, too. Shame on them.

Catanzara went on to call out Lightfoot’s ignorance and disdain for police by stalling giving officers backpay for raises that the CPD and its officers have been waiting on for three years. He noted that the stall is a result of lawyers for the city placing “conditions” into the contract that Catanzara says “poisons the whole pill.”

You know, when you have a mayor who does not appreciate the police — and I don’t care what she says, she can spin it any way she wants. But earlier this summer she made a promise to take care of the backpay for the raises that we’ve been without for three years for our members. And now, all of a sudden, three months later lawyers are adding conditions to this raise, poisoning the whole pill. It’s just not fair.

When I do my weekly report on the weekend shootings that occur in Chicago, I try my best not to throw police officers under the bus for the violence plaguing the city. It’s not the officers fault that the bureaucrats make their jobs increasingly difficult to properly carry out. Are there bad cops? Sure. But despite what the radical media and far-left politicians will tell you, that’s the exception, not the rule.

You know how I know that? Because despite all of the abuse that officers have been receiving, especially lately, comments made by people like Catanzara show the selflessness a lot of officers carry in trying to do their jobs.

“No matter what, the men and women of the Chicago Police Department are going to keep doing their job,” Catanzara said.

For Catanzara’s full segment on “Fox & Friends,” watch below:


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