Chelsea Handler Uses Disproven Study to Claim Single Childless Women Are Happiest 

Haika Mrema | July 26, 2023
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It seems the “comedian” is back at it again as Chelsea Handler continues her attempt to convince the world that being an unmarried and childless woman at nearly 50 years old brings ultimate happiness. Except this time, she used a faulty study to prove it. 

Last weekend, Handler responded to some comments made about her by YouTuber and former Fox host Jedediah Bila, who criticized Handler for deterring women from getting married and having children to pursue a single and childless life – where they will end up “red-faced and puffy from too much wine.” 

Handler posted her response to Bila's comments on Twitter.

“Listen up Jedediah,” she started. “I don’t know if that’s your real name or your sister-wife name but I have some downtime between my back-to-back champagne brunches this morning.”

Handler then cited a study from Paul Dolan, a London School of Economics Behavioral Science Professor, who reportedly claimed that “women who are single with no children are happiest” and “traditional symbols of success” - like marriage and motherhood - don’t “necessarily correlate with happiness levels.” 

"Oh and don't worry, Jedediah, this wine won't make me red or puffy,” she added “Since I don't have kids to pay for, I have extra money and I bought a hyperbaric chamber so it's great for my skin, my circulation, so I can just drink and do as many drugs as I want and then I come in here and flip it and reverse it."

Handler sure proved us wrong…except she didn’t.

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Dr. Dolan’s claims, found in his book “Happy Ever After,” were influenced by the American Time Use Survey – in which he misinterpreted aspects of the survey’s layout. His most significant error was his incorrect assumption of the category “spouse absent.”

The term “spouse absent” did not refer to occurrences where a spouse was absent from the room during the survey – like Dr. Dolan assumed. Instead, it referred to a married person whose spouses were no longer living in the same household. 

Gray Kimbrough, an economist at American University’s School of Public Affairs, pointed out this mistake (and several others) in Dolan’s research. When Dolan became aware of his errors, he contacted the Guardian to amend his article and his editor to make revisions to his book. 

Nonetheless, he remained steadfast in his assertion that marriage benefits men more than women, but Kimbrough told Vox that Dolan's other claims "fall apart with a cursory look at the evidence,” as he shows in his tweets. 

Instead of Handler citing unreliable sources to support her fallacies, she should do her own research. Maybe then she will realize that unmarried childless women like her who believe they are the happiest are sadly mistaken. Instead, she is perpetuating a radical feminist lie that will lead many women to their misery. 

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