Chelsea Handler Tells Fans To Head To the Polls - While Blinding Them With a Topless Video

Brittany M. Hughes | November 3, 2020
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Late-night comedian Chelsea Handler took to Instagram to encourage her followers to get to the polls and vote…

…by blinding them, apparently.

Rather than just doing the sane and remotely normal thing and simply, oh I don’t know, reminding people to go vote, Handler, who said she recently "had to remind" rapper Ice Cube that "he is a black man" and should therefore vote for Democrat Joe Biden, decided the better way to reach people was to get topless. Which exactly zero people asked for, but hey.

Clothed only in pants with “I voted” stickers plastered on her nipples, Handler posted a video to Instagram telling people to vote while reminding them not to "let anyone intimidate you," warning them about "people with guns" and to look out for things that don’t “look right.”

Speaking of, I can think of a couple.

I have less-than-stellar eyesight, a curse I don't wish to bestow on any of you. Out of that benevolence, I won't be posting Handler's video to this blog. If you want to see it, you can click here, and best of luck to your retinas.

While Handler’s might be the most…disturbing, her clip follows a string of predictably bizarre and embarrassing get-out-the-vote PSAs from other celebrities, including Lady Gaga, who recently posted a video message dressed in a weird redneck get-up posing by a pick-up truck and pounding a beer.